Alpacas are domesticated species belong to the South American camelid and known by their attractive fur and appearance. These animals are domesticated for thousands of years. Almost 90% of alpacas belong to the Huacayas category and recognized for their crimpy and fluffy fleece which give them a teddy bear look. The remaining 10% of alpacas belong to Suris category and popular for their lustrous and silky fleece. What do alpacas eat? Alpacas are 100% herbivore.  These animals love grass and eat plants. These animals like to consume roughage-rich leaves, stems wood and bark as they digest such foods as easy as possible.

Fresh grass and vegetation

There is the three-chambered stomach in alpacas. This stomach is similar to other cattle and sheep. Alpacas use food energy in an efficient way as they evolved in harsh conditions. They require grasses and vegetation rich in essential nutrients to keep them healthy for a long time. If you have domestic alpacas and ensured that grass and vegetation in your region is not rich in nutrition required by your animals, then you have to feed specially formulated vegetation based foods from top brands on the market. You must follow the diet of alpacas every time you feed your animals.  A gradual change in the usual diet of alpacas is recommended because the microbes in the gut of the alpacas require at least a couple of weeks to adjust to any feed change.

What do alpacas eat?

Alpacas prefer and eat healthy vegetation.  Qualified and dedicated alpaca breeders worldwide these days buy the specially formulated alpaca concentrate rich in essential nutrients alpacas require for their good health. Essential and extra vitamins and minerals in these foods support alpacas in the domestic environment to be healthy. Though there are so many brands of commercial alpaca mixes are available on the market at the competitive prices, you have to directly choose and buy one of the most suitable products as per your requirements.

Alpaca treats

You may think about alpaca treats in recent times. Alpacas like apples, carrots, turnips, broccoli stalks and other fruits and vegetables based treats. If you own the alpacas and think about how to feed the best and healthy treats, then you have to cut such fresh fruits and vegetables into small pieces. This is because you have to stop alpacas from choking.

Alpacas live up to twenty years. Alpacas and Llamas can crossbreed and provide the offspring namely huarizo. Crafters and artisans worldwide like the prized fiber of alpaca fur. This fiber is very durable and soft. This fiber does not retain water. Pregnant alpacas and mothers love sugar beet shreds as these foods help them for producing the maximum milk for their babies.

Almost every alpaca likes to stay warm in the winter. You can combine sugar beet shreds with plenty of haylage in the winter and make your alpacas warm, comfortable and healthy further. Alpacas usually and easily get dehydrated in the windy and dry seasons. They require constant supply of fresh water to stay hydrated.